In the Restaurant La Capella we want the client to have a friendly and familiar treatment, the highest quality, a good value for money and distinctive Mediterranean flavour.

We offer a traditional cuisine style, cooking and presentation points, more suited to present day.

Traditional daily dishes such as the Chaplain Espencat with oil and dried octopus, innovations such as fresh tuna with onion and balsamic vinaigrette, and always authentic dishes such as baked rice.

Formerly, Sundays were to make stew and thanks to the use of the leftovers, appeared baked rice. Very tasty and full-bodied. From the potato until the sausage, through tomato... all this, put in the oven long enough not to loose any flavour or get mixed up.

It is a typical Alicante meal with many variants that consists of bread dough adorned with products that were easy to find at home, such as homemade sausages, pickles, meats, fish, vegetables... It is cooked in a wood oven, in the light of the fire, hence its name ("LLUMÁ").

Exquisite product of great flavor and delicate texture. Juicy meat served in his sauce. Enjoy calmly this combination that was not making him indifferent.

Summer salad consisted of grilled peppers and eggplant with dry cod, garlic and olive oil. There are lots of variations with tomato, with onion ...

Mediterranean sea typical fish. Delicate meat, on base of potato, onion... it is the whole delight. A fish that it will discover and with which he will fall in love.